• Foyleburns

    For Language's Sake

    Abril 15, 2012 ni Foyleburns

    If not for formalities, good-taste and sophistication let us at least value standards of generally accepted fundamentals as that of correct grammar (should it be much to ask respect for good custom and values of cultural identity). That whether it be an Art or a Science, (a skill more appropriately, hence called Communication Skills) we owe it to our tongues to convey our meanings with words as to how words should sound be spoken (or written even). I sure can symphatize with the unschooled but ignorance even is not enough excuse for the ingratus to rape my values -- my sense of decency on the use of our Language. Browsing the net earlier today, I chanced an ad posted by one of the popular job sites I’m sure most of us are well familiar abo…

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